A business that makes sense

Every business owner and entrepreneur would agree that starting a business is in many ways similar to raising a child. People are always referring to the financial investment a business owner is required to put into a business to: (a) GET IT GOING, and more importantly,(b)

What people almost always fail to recognize is the personal and emotional investment a business owner puts into a business. Whether you are starting a brand-new business, or growing your business, or whether you want to take your mature business to the next level, it requires courage, endless energy, tenacity, and resilience when things go bad and humility when things are going well.

Raising a child requires different “skill sets, experience and talents” from parents as a child grows from infancy to adulthood. There is no textbook or “one-size-fits-all” silver bullet solution on how to raise happy, functional children to eventually become responsible adults who can make a positive contribution to the world. Each child is different, parents are different, circumstances are different and all you can be sure of is that everything always changes.

Businesses also have a lifecycle and growth stages, and each of these stages poses unique challenges and opportunities. A business is a dynamic organism, always evolving, always changing, the next curve ball just around the corner.

When I started Legal Sense in 2006, it was because I had identified a need for affordable legal services in the South African SMME environment. I wanted to make a difference, but I had no idea how Legal Sense would change my own life and evolve me as a business owner and entrepreneur. It remains a constant learning experience, challenging at the best of times, but it is also constantly affirming and strengthening the premise on which Legal Sense was built – and that is to make a difference in the lives of business owners and to support our country’s SMME sector.

At Legal Sense, we share our knowledge, experiences, and skills with our clients, as we can identify and have empathy with the challenges faced by business owners. Let us accompany you on this journey we call entrepreneurship, each step of the way, no matter which lifecycle your business is in.

Because Legal Sense Makes Business Sense!

Sunette Brittz – Proud founder and owner of Legal Sense


Legal Sense was established in 2006 and specializes in providing affordable and accessible legal services to SMME’s across South Africa. With ever-changing regulatory legislation, small businesses are in particular exposed to a great extent, and this exposure seems to be increasing as our country and economy develop. Recognising the fact that we live in a very diverse country with plenty of challenges, Legal Sense has developed a service offering to cater for, and support, South African businesses.

We are passionate about our clients and they are our first priority. Legal Sense has been built on the foundation of service excellence, ethical work practices and respect for our clients, colleagues, service providers, and the environment.

Legal Sense has reinvented the way you, as a business owner, will look at legal services and we would like to become an indispensable strategic partner in your business by assisting you to successfully navigate your business through every legal challenge.


We are living in a very litigious environment. Employees are becoming more and more aware of their rights in terms of labour law and the number of CCMA referral cases have increased from 179 528 in 2015/2016 to 188 449 in 2016/2017.

New legislation has also changed to the business landscape, and small businesses are required to be just as compliant as JSE registered corporates.

Ever heard of the National Credit Act, the Consumer Protection Act, the Amended Companies Act, the Protection of Personal Information Act? Just to name a few…Do you realize that all these acts have a direct impact on all businesses, and have you taken steps to comply with the requirements of this legislation? Are you aware of the consequences and penalties – imposed on the business AND you as a director or business owner in your personal capacity – if your business is not compliant?

It is very hard for a business owner to keep up with all these changes and the potential risks they can pose to a business, so it is really a matter of “if” and not “when” ….

Being embroiled in a legal dispute with a supplier or service provider, a CCMA referral from a disgruntled employee or trying to collect outstanding monies from a debtor can be very stressful and very time-consuming. Managing these kinds of legal issues demand a lot of time and money from a business owner – both very valuable commodities in a small business – which should rather be used to increase productivity and growth.

We also know that small business very rarely budget for legal fees. So, when disputes arise, or a new lease or contract is presented to the business for signature, most businesses do not have the financial resources to acquire the services of an attorney to assist and guide them through the process. This is when vital mistakes are made, which more often than not lead to an undesirable outcome with even worse financial implications in the long term.

Legal Sense has recognised the need for AFFORDABLE and ACCESSIBLE legal services for SMME’s and has developed a one-stop legal services solution to small business owners without breaking the bank. Legal Sense takes care of your legal problems so that business owners can ultimately take care of their businesses.


What sets us apart is that we want to build a relationship with you, our client. The better we understand your business, the better we are equipped to give you legal guidance appropriate to your business.

The first and very important step is to do a full assessment of your business, your policies, and procedures, etc. when you become a Legal Sense client. By doing this, we do not only get to know you and your key staff members better, but we also identify potential vulnerabilities and the risk of potential legal disputes related to your specific business. Once these risks are identified, we will assist you in putting the appropriate agreements, terms and conditions, policies, procedures and measures in place to manage these risks. This is an ongoing and dynamic process, which will evolve over time as we build our relationship with you as our client. We like to call this, proactive legal services.

Proactive legal services include, for example, the drafting of all contracts, assistance with problematic employee and labour issues, the drafting of HR and Company manuals, the chairing of disciplinary hearings, the collection of outstanding debt, general legal advice and assistance on all business-related matters and disputes. By assisting our clients proactively, the risk of potential litigation in their businesses reduces significantly and it not only reduces their risk but costs too.

These proactive legal services are rendered by an experienced team of qualified, admitted attorneys, who will provide the necessary legal advice and assistance when you need it.

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Sensible Legal Services (Pty) Ltd, trading as Legal Sense, is a private company with Company Reg No. 2016/543033/07, and it provides consulting and legal services which are not regulated by the Financial Sector Regulatory Authority, nor underwritten by a Registered Authorised Financial Services Provider.